Teacher Training Introduction

Future learning is a specialist in technology enhanced language learning and activity programmes for junior and adult students. We are committed to delivering innovative and effective educational programmes and sharing the practice which we develop through our training programme.

We set-out from our second year of operation to share the innovative practice that we are developing with teachers throughout Europe and from all around the world. The teacher training programmes are based on our experience and share the solutions that we have come up with to make our project- based approach work in practice.

We can cater for individual or group participants and are very happy to tailor-make packages including course, accommodation, meals and transfers.


Our Teacher Training Courses

Future Learning offers a series of Teacher Training Courses. These courses can be taken on an individual basis or tailored to closed groups upon request and are summarised as follows:

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Our Brochures

Please find some of our current brochures which contain additional details about our 21st Century Courses. Click on a brochure to download.

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We are an accredited language school offering top quality courses for juniors and adults. Our accreditations show that we are a professional school with an exceptional level of teaching and services.