Young Learners Introduction

When Future learning first started we specialised in programmes for young learners and we first developed our unique approach with their needs in mind. The focus of all these programmes is to give them an experience of using their English in a meaningful context, which will activate their language knowledge, boost their communication skills and instil an enduring motivation to keep studying it when they return home.

Our young learner programmes welcome students from all corners of the world, giving them opportunity to develop their intercultural skills through exploring the local culture when they are in Ireland, and collaborating with students from other parts of the world. We believe that learning is social and make it a key part of all these programmes that students learn while having fun with each other.


Our YL Courses

Choose between Summer or year round, group or individual programmes. Study in an Irish High School or choose our mini stay programme. We have every type of programme a Young Learner could want!

Our YL Locations


Our Brochures

Please find some of our current brochures which contain additional details about our 21st Century Courses. Click on a brochure to download.

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We are an accredited language school offering top quality courses for juniors and adults. Our accreditations show that we are a professional school with an exceptional level of teaching and services.