Erasmus+ Introduction

Since 2015 Future Learning has been a recognized provider of Erasmus+ training courses and has warmly welcomed, organized, and shared innovative practices with participants throughout Europe and from all around the world. Future Learningā€™s Erasmus+ Organisation ID is E10093822. We have experience in thoroughly assessing the sending institutionsā€™ needs and are very happy to work with your institution to ensure that our training courses meet the development objectives of your Erasmus+ project.

To facilitate the mobility-funded exchange of best practices and to achieve Erasmus+ participants learning outcomes, Future Learning welcomes sending institutions and/or intermediaries to contact us to establish collaboration by entering into a Memorandum of Understanding Agreement.

Looking forward to welcoming many Erasmus+ participants in the coming years, not only to achieve your learning outcomes through technology-enhanced learning but to thoroughly enjoy and experience the warmth and friendliness of the Irish people, its culture, landscape, and traditions.


Our Erasmus+ Courses

Future Learning offers a series of Teacher Training Courses, Language Courses including 21st Century Skills to Erasmus+ participants aged 18+ and 21st Century Projects to Erasmus+ Young Learners (aged 12 to 16) and Young Adults (aged 17 to 20). These courses can be taken on an individual basis or tailored to closed groups upon request and are summarised as follows:

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Our Brochures

Please find some of our current brochures which contain additional details about our 21st Century Courses. Click on a brochure to download.

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We are an accredited language school offering top quality courses for juniors and adults. Our accreditations show that we are a professional school with an exceptional level of teaching and services.