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    Dublin | Athlone

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    Course Dates and Prices

    Please check YL and YA Erasmus+ calendar

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    1 week course but can be combined with other courses

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    Saturdays & Sundays

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    Class Size

    15 max

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    Student Age

    12 to 16 years old

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    Individuals and Groups

    School groups must be accompanied by a Group Leader. Individuals from 18+ accepted to YA only

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    Entry Requirements

    Minimum level of English: A2 Pre-intermediate

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    Cultural Activities

    2 cultural activities per week
    Integration with other Erasmus+ participants or local students (additional cost)

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    Full board Host family (2/3 students per family)

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    Public transport (if required) and airport transfers included in Erasmus+ package price

Environment And Sustainability Project: The Irish Landscape

The aim of this project is for students to explore the living landscape of Ireland’s towns, cities and countryside and the impact that people have on it.


The Irish landscape has been formed equally by natural forces and the inhabitants who first arrived to fish the coastline many millennia ago. These inhabitants have been farming the Island for at least 200 generations and first learned to exchange the products of the earth along Viking sea routes over 1000 years ago. Students learn to read the story of change that the landscape tells both ancient and modern. They express their understanding by creating an interactive map of the landscapes they have visited with audio visual descriptions and explanations of what they see needs to be preserved, why and how.

Learner Profile

Second- level or vocational students who have an interest in discovering Ireland’s natural resources and the importance of the conservation and protection of global ecosystems at home and across Europe to support health and wellbeing, now and in the future.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of this course students will have

  • Examined the story that landscapes can tell us about the forces that formed them
  • Analysed how mining, forestry, agriculture, imported plants and animals, and building have shaped the views we see today
  • Proposed the things that we should preserve in nature reserves, areas of conservation / biodiversity, heritage sites and protected buildings
  • Created audio visual explanations of their point and embedded them in an interactive map

Sample Timetable – Environment And Sustainability Project: The Irish Landscape

Samples of Cultural Trips


  • Guided Walking Tour of Dublin
  • Collins Barracks Museum
  • Selfie Scavenger Hunt
  • St. Stephen’s Green and Shopping on Grafton Street


  • Guided Walking Tour of Athlone
  • Athlone Luan Gallery
  • Selfie Scavenger Hunt
  • Irish Music and Dance Workshop

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