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    Course Location

    Dublin | Athlone

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    Course Dates and Prices

    Please check YL and YA Erasmus+ calendar

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    1 week course but can be combined with other courses

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    Arrival days

    Saturdays & Sundays

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    Class Size

    15 max

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    Student Age

    17 to 20 years old

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    Individuals and Groups

    School groups must be accompanied by a Group Leader. Individuals from 18+ accepted to YA only

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    Entry Requirements

    Minimum level of English: B1 Intermediate

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    Cultural Activities

    2 cultural activities per week
    Integration with other Erasmus+ participants or local students (additional cost)

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    Full board Host family (2/3 students per family)

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    Public transport (if required) and airport transfers included in Erasmus+ package price

Identity and Culture Project:
Irish History and Identity

The aim of this project is for students to explore Irish history and the questions around our identity which it raises.


A variety of historical and social factors make up how Irish people understand their identity. Students explore this topic through research, interviews with local people and their own observations. They express their understanding in the form of a blog which they write about the topic, illustrated with interactive maps, timelines or quizzes which they made.

Learner Profile

Young Adults from age 17 to 20 who have an interest in exploring other cultures and traditions.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of this course students will have

  • Explored the characteristics of national identity and how everyone us untypical
  • Presented their research into a social or historical topic about Ireland
  • Debated a historical event and what the right thing to do at the time was
  • Interviewed their host family and members of the public.

Sample Timetable – Identity and Culture Project: Irish History and Identity

Samples of Cultural Trips


  • Guided Walking Tour of Dublin
  • Collins Barracks
  • St. Stephen’s Green and Shopping on Grafton Street
  • Selfie Scavenger Hunt


  • Guided Walking Tour of Athlone
  • Athlone Luan Gallery
  • Selfie Scavenger Hunt
  • Irish Music and Dance Workshop

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